My DogMy Dog
Pet Beware this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet Dogs

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Happy owner. Secrets to a happy dog & also if young new away from brothers / sisters would like a teddy bear, the ticking clock is good but they love their bears. Attention to an amimal is also important, as we all like to be validated, your not crazy if you talk to your dog. Commands, rules are all good for a happy dog & owner.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Whoof Whoof Whoof its time to go out, a daily walk is not only good for you, but also your dog, they get stimulation from it, & when you get home will sleep well LOL

My pup

Pet Beware dog

Mud and water will keep the fleas away. Nothing works better than daily swim in the river, lake or any water pond.

Mud Bath

Care for your dog dog

As the owner, proper grooming and bathing is your responsibility. But there is more to caring for your dog than simple bathing, flea viles are very good i use Doctor Harry's Advantage you can get them in 3 or 6 packs, well worth it, espcially if you are around other dogs/pups. Change & wash bedding is important too.

Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels for your dog, can be a good place for you & your dog more info on this page Dog care

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Care for yuor doCare for yuor doCare for yuor doCare for yuor doCare for yuor do

Exercising your dog dog

My Dog

I'm telling you

Dogs need daily exercise to prevent dog problems and improve dog health.

Daily exercise with your dog has many benifits, but yet again depends on the size of your dog and how much exercise it requires. My puppy bull mastiff only needs minamial exercise as in 10-15 mins a day is more than enough, where as a kelpie or cattle sort of dogs like alot of exercise. You can make it fun with for all the family as a day at the park & even a picnic. Perth has alot of nice spots north & south of the river. The swan river is excellent in most parts. Around your local area you will find walk-ways, paths,parks & of course the dog beaches. You get to go out in the fresh air & they will love a ride in the car.

My Dog

I'm worth it

Dogs and vets bills dog

How much do do you love your pet and how much would you be willing to pay to save their life? This is of course your decision, but just a consult can be up to $88.00. I have RSPCA insurance, as the money goes to helping other pets, & i recieve up to 80% back off my vet bills. A friend recently had her dog operated on & it cost over $2000.00. Its a alot of money, but once again it depends on what you personally can afford, but i know & have the peace of mind if anything does happen to happen my beloved gypsy, pictured through out this site, little brown pupppy bull mastiff x char pai.


Hold a tasty treat above the dogs nose to attract its attention, this works best when the dog is hungry.


Physical rewards are importantduring training, so praise the dog by giving it long strokes along the body.


As an incentive, show the dog its favourite toy, you will soon discover which toys it likes the best.


Is your dog chewing trickle systems in your garden or eating the risers & sparayers off your garden beds ??????? A way to stop this is to put a mixture of tabasco sauce and chilli, usung a pasrty brush you are able to apply it thinly, now your dog will usually only do it once, mine did.... it will distarct them from going their again in a hurry, of course dont jam up the hole you wont need much, or you could use the good old natural way being Cittronella, they hate the smell of that too. Its worked for me as they seem to be very tempting to a little puppy the chewing method as well as beating the dogs boredom. Give it a try & see how you go. Their is another way too & that is to get an old wire coat hanger, bending it around the riser into the ground so it covers the riser & the sprayer all in one go, they actually cant get thier mouth into now in order for them to chew it to bits. Usually in time they will grow out of it.

Dogs secrets

GogJust don't tell anyone,

  1. i can smell what is in the fridge if only i could open it.
  2. When im asleep i can still hear you.

My pup

My pup

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Cross breeding Portuguese water dogs and Poodles will give you highly energetic, intelligent and very sociable people-oriented dogs.

Mastiff cross Shar-Pei

Confident, sociable, happy , cute and intelligent.

Bitsa or mongrel mixed-breed dogs


Bitsa dogs are healthier than their purebred counterparts. Extremely intelligent and playful. Some people believe mixed-breeds exhibit higher average intelligence than purebreds, but others believe mixes are generally no more intelligent than purebreds.

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Pet beware, this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet. Dogs, photos of dogs.