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Pet Beware this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet Dogs

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Happy owner. Secrets to a happy dog & also if young new away from brothers / sisters would like a teddy bear, the ticking clock is good but they love their bears. Attention to an amimal is also important, as we all like to be validated, your not crazy if you talk to your dog. Commands, rules are all good for a happy dog & owner.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Whoof Whoof Whoof its time to go out, a daily walk is not only good for you, but also your dog, they get stimulation from it, & when you get home will sleep well LOL

My pup

Nutrition dog

Nutrition for your dog can be not as easy as you think, As different dogs have different needs, depending on size breeding etc. All puppies from when you get them it is good to keep them on the puppy roll Available at Coles & Woolworths up until they are 5-6 months basically. Is packed full of goodness Chicken & rice, plus the scraps you also give them when you have finished your meal. Kangaroo is too rich for their small tummies & best avoided unless you would like a trip to the vet Like me. Puppy biscuits are available and the brand you buy is totally your decision, I use Super coat as has the right amount of crude fat that is required for healthy growing puppy /dog. As they get to the 6 months old period you can buy adult biscuits. Any scraps leftovers you have are also good but not too much, as you will finish up with An overweight dog & that is very hard to control a diet for them when it is too late. A regular visit to the vet also you can keep an eye on their weight & most vets don't mind free Of charge. They will always appear to be hungry as it's in their nature, especially when you are eating.

TASTY TIPS ON FEEDING YOUR DOG Specialist pet stores and vets can provide expert, independant advice on feeding based on yor dogs age, breed size and any noticeable sensitivities. Look for quality - Check out the ingredients list to find out whats really in the food. # Animal protein like chicken & meat as the first ingredients. # balanced with wholegrain & fibre in the form of beet pulp. X Avoid artificial colours & preservatives.

LOOK FOR BEST VALUE - High quality dry foods have detailed feeding instructions based on the size of your dog. From this you can work out number of meals per kilogram and the number of meals each day Be sure to compare on cost per meal basis. A 15kg bag of dry food might seem expensive but it may feed your dog for up to 2 months. Stick with one food - A complete & balanced food is just that, other than water yor dog needs nothing else. If your dog gets an upset stomach it is unlikley to be the dog food, more likley something he has picked up on a walk, so dont be tempted switch foods or supplement unless on the advice of your vet. For rewards or play buy some special dog treats from your pet store or supermarket. I recently got some chocolate donuts from the dog shop.. 

BEET PULP & FOS ( Fructooligosaccharide )

Beet Pulp is a natural fibre that provides bulk, helps to move food through the intestines, & can be broken down by gut bacteria, aiding the digestive process.

FOS Is a prebiotic fibre that promotes the growth of good bacteria, comparable to those found in probiotic yoghurts for humans, This helps mantain the natural balance of a healthy gut. EUKANUBA DOG FOOD contains this. It is a good idea to check your dog food packet for feeding & what exactly is in it.

A dog processes its food in around half the time of a human, so it is essential that the nutrients are optimally absorbed. Eukanba dog food is specially tailored to your dogs digestive system, meaning he gets maximum benifit from every bowl.




  1. Expect your dog to act like a dog, Don't take it personally when he exhibits typical canine behaviour, he's not being bad he's just being a dog.
  2. No more free lunch. Dogs are happiest when they are exercising their predator skills. Make them work hard for their food, like stuffing it inside chew toys, hiding it around the house, or teaching them tricks for food rewards.
  3. Start of tight and slack off later, rather than letting your dog run wild for the first few weeks, and them clamping down when the behaviour isn't so cute anymore.
  4. Don't wait for him to develop bad habits, like chewing the furniture or urinating on the carpet, before you intervene. Assume this behaviour is likley to happen, and act preemptively to manage it before it develops.
  5. Supply your dog with acceptable outlets for his doggy behaviour, rather than punishing it.
  6. Don't lay guilt trips on your dog. Dogs are neither moral nor immoral; they're amoral meaning they respond to what they understand, to be the consequences of their behaviour. So manipulate those consequences !
  7. Get involved in organizing dog sports or informal activities, such as agility, flyball racing, fetch or a fun game of hide-and-seek.
  8. Provide a wide variety of social interactions everyday. What's the worst punishment a person can get in prison ? Solitary confinement, dogs are social animals too.
  9. If you have a puppy, handle him endlessly. Make it as pleasent an experience as possible, so he'll associate being handled with good feelings.
  10. Enrol in a good training course concentrating on Behaviour & positive Training.

Dogs secrets

GogJust don't tell anyone,

  1. i can smell what is in the fridge if only i could open it.
  2. When im asleep i can still hear you.

My pup

My pup

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Cross breeding Portuguese water dogs and Poodles will give you highly energetic, intelligent and very sociable people-oriented dogs.

Mastiff cross Shar-Pei

Confident, sociable, happy , cute and intelligent.

Bitsa or mongrel mixed-breed dogs


Bitsa dogs are healthier than their purebred counterparts. Extremely intelligent and playful. Some people believe mixed-breeds exhibit higher average intelligence than purebreds, but others believe mixes are generally no more intelligent than purebreds.

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Pet beware, this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet. Dogs, photos of dogs.