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Dog Care this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet DogsDogs like regular exercise & stimulation, wether it be walking, running at the park

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Happy owner. Secrets to a happy dog & also if young new away from brothers / sisters would like a teddy bear, the ticking clock is good but they love their bears. Attention to an amimal is also important, as we all like to be validated, your not crazy if you talk to your dog. Commands, rules are all good for a happy dog & owner.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Whoof Whoof Whoof its time to go out, a daily walk is not only good for you, but also your dog, they get stimulation from it, & when you get home will sleep well LOL

My pup

Dog care dog

Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels for your dog, can be a good place for you & your dog. A very nice stay in the Swan Valley Perth, is Apple St Kennels, it is off Great Northern Highway.

They cater for all dogs they get daily exercise. I left my char pai x their when i went to Broome, I called it a dog hotel as you are able to take some of their belongings such as a blanket, ball toys & even treats. The staff are very nice & each kennel is clean & roomy. Your dog must be microchipped & vaccinated & the cost was only $24.00 per night, which gave me peace of mind. They get to socalize with other dogs & had her own kennel & came home a very happy dog. I would gladly recommend them.

Care for your dog

Exercising your dog dog

Harness's for walking your dog, i have come across a Non Pull mesh harness that Harnessstops pulling instantly. I got it from City Farmers it is one of the best investments i have bought yet for my dog. Makes walking a breeze, even for very large dogs, they have 3 sizes, med/ large/x-large. It is alot better as the pressure is not on the dogs neck they just cant pull away at all. Makes walking fun like it should be for you both.

I want my HarnessI dont want to wear this the Harness is much more comfortable
Grrrrrr its pulling
My Dog

I'm worth it

Dogs like regular exercise & stimulation, wether it be walking, running at the park, they definatley enjoy sniffing things out with their supersonic nose, they can sense many things we cannot. My Dog likes to go for a drive in the car she has a real good look around, they enjoy it just like us seeing & doing different things. I try & walk my dog daily as is good for us both. But remember if your dog is constantly stopping even on the harness, try not to always tell them to get a move on, its better for you to get the dog to make decisions as its good for them to make decesions on their own, instead of us telling them all the time when to move, come, go etc. It really does work.


Entropion is an eye disease that dogs can get one of being where as the eyelids of the dog roll in on each other it can be by the eyelashes irritating the eyes, or the actual eyelids having  too many wrinkles on their coat. In most cases the dog will require surgery to fix the problem & sometimes even seeing a specialist calling for an Ophthalmologist,  this surgery can vary in price depending on the breed of dog,
Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Neapolitian Mastiff, St Bernard, Cocker Spaniel, Akita & Pug dogs are some of which can be prone to the condition.
It is best to take your dog to the vet as soon as you suspect something especially if they are squinting or pawing at either eye, Ulcers can also occur with this problem requiring medications  such as antibiotics, in liquid drop or pill form.

Dogs secrets

GogJust don't tell anyone,

  1. i can smell what is in the fridge if only i could open it.
  2. When im asleep i can still hear you.

My pup

My pup

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Cross breeding Portuguese water dogs and Poodles will give you highly energetic, intelligent and very sociable people-oriented dogs.

Mastiff cross Shar-Pei

Confident, sociable, happy , cute and intelligent.

Bitsa or mongrel mixed-breed dogs


Bitsa dogs are healthier than their purebred counterparts. Extremely intelligent and playful. Some people believe mixed-breeds exhibit higher average intelligence than purebreds, but others believe mixes are generally no more intelligent than purebreds.

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Pet beware, this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet. Dogs, photos of dogs.