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Pet Beware this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet Dogs

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Happy owner. Secrets to a happy dog & also if young new away from brothers / sisters would like a teddy bear, the ticking clock is good but they love their bears. Attention to an amimal is also important, as we all like to be validated, your not crazy if you talk to your dog. Commands, rules are all good for a happy dog & owner.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Whoof Whoof Whoof its time to go out, a daily walk is not only good for you, but also your dog, they get stimulation from it, & when you get home will sleep well LOL

My pup

Poision / Plants / & Foods

Unfotunatley, their are alot of very dangerous plants in each & all our gardens. I was very suprised too see that how common they were. And probably you have a least 2-3 in your garden. These can be deadly or even fatal for your

    10 top deadly plants in your yard
  1. Orchids
  2. Lilies/liylys
  3. Asparagus fern
  4. Elephant Ears
  5. Cyclamen
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Jade Plants
  8. Ivy"s
  9. Philadendrems
  10. Vinca"s
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Poision PlantsPoision PlantsPoision PlantsPoision PlantsPoision Plants


If consumed or eaten, please call your local vet for advice.

Most of us know chocolate is not good either, in small doses it stays in a dogs system like cyinide, gradually building up, you will know if your dog has any of the above plants or things. The symtoms to look for a lethargic, vomiting, diahorrea, not wanting to eat anything & generally just not themselves. You know your dog & level of activity so usually you will get a gut feeling, after a while espically if you have a new puppy in your family. You can try warm milk, but the vets i have spoken too will all tell you, the best thing is to try & feed them chicken & rice, its kind to their stomaches.


There are some other things that dogs will find toxic & NO good to digest they are : Grapes Nuts Raisins' Sultanas Seeds, (like sesame)


This has always been a big debate cooked or not cooked bones. A cooked bone can splinter the inside especially a little puppy, causing internal bleeding, it can come out in their stools, But is it a risk you really want to take. As can be very costly & even deadly, imagine if you swallowed a T.bone steak bone, how long & how much pain do you think you would be in. It is usually the marrow the want out of the bone anyway as they can smell it. From your butcher you can get little knuckle bones, long ones so they cant fit the whole thin in their mouth & then depending on the size of your dog after 6-9 months a marrow bone cut in half is always good, & they will love it, & YOU.

CookCook or not to cook this is the question.....




DOG ROCKS, are designed to stop the burning of your lawn, where your dog has peed,you can get them at your local pet shop simply palce the rocks in your dogs water bowl. They are 100% Australain natural rocks. YOUR DOG CAN SAVE YOUR LAWN.


Dogs secrets

GogJust don't tell anyone,

  1. i can smell what is in the fridge if only i could open it.
  2. When im asleep i can still hear you.

My pup

My pup

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Portuguese water dog cross Poodle

Cross breeding Portuguese water dogs and Poodles will give you highly energetic, intelligent and very sociable people-oriented dogs.

Mastiff cross Shar-Pei

Confident, sociable, happy , cute and intelligent.

Bitsa or mongrel mixed-breed dogs


Bitsa dogs are healthier than their purebred counterparts. Extremely intelligent and playful. Some people believe mixed-breeds exhibit higher average intelligence than purebreds, but others believe mixes are generally no more intelligent than purebreds.

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Pet beware, this site will tell you all about dogs and how to care for your beloved pet. Dogs, photos of dogs.